BIGfest 2015 Fundraising Links & Info

Sponsor Guide Book: Bigfest Sponsorship Guide
This is the PDF version of the full sponsorship guide. Printed copies of this guide are available at Cheatham Street Warehouse.
Please remember that non-monetary sponsorships are generally discouraged and must be approved by the BIGfest Committee.

Sponsor/Advertiser Form: Sponsor Form
This form in on the back page of the Sponsorship Guide. This form needs to be filled out and submitted to Sage with any payments
made for Sponsorships and/or program advertisements

Silent Auction Solicitation Letter: Silent Auction Solicitation
Please give this letter to businesses and merchants when soliciting silent auction items. We will take almost anything of value for a silent
auction item. The more creative and diverse the silent auction is, the more we are likely to raise. Silent auction can account for as
much as 40% of the BIGfest profit each year!

Silent Auction Solicitation Form: Silent Auction Donation Form
This form should be completed and returned for all silent auction items. This helps us track and inventory the items as well as give
the donor proper recognition. If a donor commits to donating but does not have the item immediately available, please have them
fill out the form at that time and return it to Cheatham Street.

How to Solicit Merchants: How to Solicit Merchants
This document provides some basic tips for soliciting silent auction items as well as some more info on the Foundation.

Please track all businesses you have any contact with in the BIGfest AdSales Database.
This database helps us keep everything organized and prevents businesses from being solicited twice by different people.
Your username is the email that you used to register. If you are not currently registered with the system, please CLICK HERE to create an account.

Problems with the system?? Email Sage Here.